Current State Evaluation (CSE) is a structured assessment methodology based on six EM Key Indicators (KIs):

    External KIs - factors or elements outside management Span of Control (SOC):

      Situational Awareness- potential disaster or crisis situations

      Terrain Knowledge- types of terrain and features

      Infrastructure Familiarity- constructed assets (buildings, facilities, etc.)

    Internal KIs - factors or elements within management SOC:

      Planning Development- implementation, review process, methodologies

      Training Maturity- periodicity, type (class, field, etc.), style (formal or informal)

      Socialization Employment- utilization of social networks and media

CSE is conducted through:

    Survey of client selected participants (Key Players, Stakeholders, EM staff, etc.)

    Development of scorecard based on analysis of survey responses

    Collection of statistical data related to client Area of Responsibility (AOR) grouped by category

    CSE Report detailing survey results, statistical data collection, and findings

CSE establishes a snapshot of the client Area of Responsibility (AOR) physical environment and a baseline of client Emergency Management (EM) capability.  Through CSE Public Officials can focus scare budget dollars on weaknesses, while capitalizing on strengths.

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Current State Evaluation