Smart Solutions provides superior services in five areas that are key to success and continued growth of any organization.



Human Capital Management (HCM) encompasses the activities and policies associated with the employee life-cycle from building a human capital strategy aligned with the organization's strategy to acquiring talent, sustaining talent and separation management.

Smart Solutions can provide consulting on current trends across commercial companies and government. Additionally, Smart Solutions can advise on human capital policies that align with strategy and the business processes to support the policies.




Organization Development (OD) is a deliberately planned, organization-wide effort to increase an organization's effectiveness or efficiency. OD promotes organizational readiness to meet change and is a systematic learning and development strategy intended to: (1) Communicate organizational mission and values, (2) Align organizational attitudes with vision and values, (3) Define organizational success & (4) Structure organization to achieve success and absorb change.

Smart Solutions can assist organizations with quality OD consulting services to meet managerial, structural, or technological changes.




Facility Management (FM) encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. The goal of FM is the coordination of space, infrastructure, and people with organization goals and business lines. FM is the good stewardship of assets and provides a foundation for sound financial planning.

Smart Solutions can assist organizations with: (1) Property Assessment, (2) Space Allocation & Utilization Analysis, (3) Safety & Security Evaluation, (4) Lifecycle Development, (5) Budget Forecasts, (6) Technology Integration, (7) Emergency Preparedness & Continuity Planning, & (8) Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability Definition.





Strategic Planning (SP) includes assisting organizations in understanding their core competencies, defining their direction for the future by leveraging their expertise, identifying target audiences and developing a decision process for allocating resources. Specific activities include; defining vision, mission, strategy, goals and measure of achievement using such techniques as SWOT analysis, Balanced Scorecards and Scenario Planning.

Smart Solutions can assist organizations in visioning a desired future state and translating that into; a defined mission, the values needed in the organization to achieve the vision and mission, & the goals, objectives and metrics that will serve as the road map for the end state.





Program Management (PM) is the process by which related projects and component tasks are planned, scheduled, carried out, and by which positive control of costs, resources, milestones, etc. is maintained. The intent of PM is to improve performance through the relationship of activities to goal achievement or defined outcome. In practice PM is closely related to systems engineering and industrial engineering.

Smart Solutions can provide quality PM consulting services that ensure mission goals are met or exceeded.